AMBUSH® item


Supply of 2,022 units (1,980 SOLID BG + 42 UNIQUE TOKYO AMBIENCE BG)


0.15 ETH

The initial sale has sold out. Please check out the collection on OpenSea.

The metaverse is AMBUSH®ed with the first official emergence of the POW!®️ NFT series.

The POW!®️ REBOOT Rings merge virtual and real, granting access to exclusive drops, experiences, and more from Tokyo to Web 3, spawns

2,022 sentient rings are easily transportable, and gives first access to other forms of energy mined in the AMBUSH®️ SILVER FCTRY (Our metaverse spaceship) activities coming up such as EXCLUSIVE ITEM RELEASES -EVENTS -RESERVED LINE for upcoming AMBUSH®️ COLLABORATION drops (terms apply for each project) in

42 units with The POW!®️ TOKYO AMBIENCE BACKGROUND has 3 gradient motifs:
  1. TOKYO HEAT with pink and green gradient
  2. TOKYO SUNRISE with orange red and blue gradient
  3. TOKYO NIGHT with dark blue and canary yellow gradient

1,980 with 18 SOLID BACKGROUND

Each POW!® and BACKGROUND color will unlock different access.